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Stetson Hills Animal Hospital

Veterinary Services

At Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, we know that your pet is a part of the family. That’s why our compassionate staff will be there to help when you need us most!

Veterinary Services in Glendale, AZ

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Pet Counseling

At Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, we provide counseling services for pets’ dietary needs and behavioral concerns.

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Pet Dentistry

Dental care and annual animal teeth cleaning are very important aspects of your pet’s health. We provide a variety of dental services for the benefit of pets to both prevent and treat periodontal disease.

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Pet Dermatology

The doctors at Stetson Hills Animal Hospital have continued to stay educated on the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions found in pets. Some of these conditions may be attributed to allergies and may include ear infections.

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Pet Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

At Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, we provide a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the benefit of your pet. These advanced services enable us to identify your pet’s health conditions and offer the most effective relief of their symptoms by correcting the underlying cause.

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Pet Pain Management

The goal of IVAPM is to further the understanding of pain in animals and determine the most effective treatments for that pain.

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Pet Preventive Medicine

Stetson Hills Animal Hospital provides regular preventive care to pets. We believe that regular health care for pets is a very important part of lifelong wellness.

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Pet Spay & Neuter

Here at Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, we strongly advocate that unless you’re a reputable breeder, you should have your pet spayed or neutered before they reach adulthood.

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Pet Surgery

The Stetson Hills Animal Hospital surgical suite provides for the performance of a variety of surgical procedures.

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Pet Vaccinations

At Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, we believe in thorough but not excessive vaccinations for your pet. We make every effort to minimize repeated pet vaccination appointments in which multiple vaccines are administered yearly to every pet.

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