Stetson Hills Animal Hospital Pet Memorial

At Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, pets mean everything to us, and we want to help you memorialize your pet. If your beloved four-legged friend has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and you would like us to remember them on our page, please email our team at and send us your pet’s picture and a biography about them.


Kyla. Jalisco, Mexico July 26, 2002-Anthem December 17, 2014
In December 2002, we thought it was time for a dog after we moved into our new house. We're terrier people and terriers and terrier people are happiest together. We wanted a terrier that needed a home-it didn't matter if it was a mix, and either gender was fine. We heard about this Scottie girl who came from Mexico and needed a home badly. We visited her and we knew she was the one.

We brought her home and despite the fact that it was cold outside, we had the sunroof and windows open because she was fed a human Mexican diet-probably bean burritos from Taco Bell. Her name was then “Mullen” which we changed to Kyla which is an old Scottish name for a female that loosely means “hot like a supermodel”. We added Kenzie, a Westie (2003-2012) soon after and the 2 of them were best friends. People told me I was crazy, letting Kyla walk off-leash but she never betrayed my confidence in her. She walked right up to a big Rottweiler and said “hello”. The Rottie's owner was shocked-most small dogs were afraid or yapped incessantly. She was great on long car trips, having gone to Oregon and Montana (twice). It didn't faze her when the fire alarm went off in a Moab, Utah hotel at 4am. Kyla loved helping Kenzie chase away the pool monster every morning when the solar heat system for the pool kicked in and bubbled:


The one thing about Kyla was her appetite, despite her Addison's Disease, pancreatitis, and melanoma she ate like a horse and wanted more. Every morning after breakfast, she used to come begging for her favorite, frozen organic green beans

and Kyla left us, Kyla-style, eating treats including the last seconds of her life when the Melanoma became too much for this tough but sweet terrier.

Good bye, Kyla. The house is empty without our heart and soul.



To my best friend, greatest companion and my watch dog, rest in peace.
I will never forget you. I love you.
- Kristy G.



In loving memory of our friend and clinic companion Ricky Bobby (AKA Bob)
Bob was dropped off at our clinic 3 year ago. He was emaciated and full of cactus thorns. With a little nursing care and a lot of TLC, he recovered and became a member of our family. He definitely was a one of a kind cat. With his mellow, laid back, charismatic attitude, he won the hearts of many clients, particularly children. After a long battle with chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Bobby passed away peacefully in his sleep. He will be missed dearly.