Feline Friendly Practices

Caring for cats is a large part of what we do at Anthem Pet Medical Center, and in 2014 we made it our goal to offer better care than ever to our feline patients. We are currently completing our Feline Friendly Certification at our animal hospital, which will offer you peace of mind that your cat is receiving the best and most compassionate care to suit their particular needs.Staff picture 2014

What Does a Feline Friendly Animal Hospital Offer?

At our Feline Friendly animal hospital, we now offer amenities to ensure that our feline patients are comfortable and stress-free during their visit. Some of these special offerings include:

  • Reduced waiting room stress. Cats will be ushered promptly into an exam room to help them avoid the stress of waiting room encounters.
  • Staff education on cat handling. Our team will utilize proper restraint and handling techniques to ensure that stress is minimized for our feline patients.
  • Client education about facilitating stress-free veterinary visits. We will educate pet owners about the best way to ensure that their cat’s visit is stress-free, from the moment the carrier comes out of the closet, until it goes back in and your cat walks free at home!
  • Client education about carrier stress. The number one reason cats are afraid or stressed about veterinary visits is often a dislike of their carrier. We will provide education on desensitizing cats to the carrier and helping them to feel at ease with the experience.

A Feline Friendly Practice

In addition to ensuring that cats are stress-free, being a Feline Friendly practice also involves providing exceptional feline-centered care to the cat patients that come through our door. We follow all recommended guidelines in medical care, surgical care, vaccine protocols, and more, adhering closely to the standards set by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

When your cat is a patient of Anthem Pet Medical Center, you can rest assured that they are receiving the best possible care for their species. We have gone the extra mile to seek the distinction of Certified Cat Friendly Practice in order to better ourselves and feline medical caretakers as well as to show you just how serious we are about cat care!

If you have questions about our cat care, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.