Preventive Medicine and Wellness Care

Stetson Hills Animal Hospital provides regular preventive care to pets. We believe that regular health care for pets is a very important part of lifelong wellness. We strongly advocate preventive medical care through a variety of means throughout your pet’s entire life, and especially as they reach their senior years.

The preventive wellness care we provide includes:

  • Comprehensive physical examinations
  • Thorough history
  • Nutritional analysis and assessment
  • Laboratory tests of internal organ function
  • Imaging testing
  • Heartworm status testing and prevention
  • Intestinal parasite status testing and prevention
  • Vaccinations, including rattle snake vaccine
  • Chronic pain assessment and treatment
  • Brain aging assessment (senility screening) and treatment (Yes! We can reverse senility in pets!)
a dog sniffing the stethoscope tip
a puppy touching his nose to his owner

Our thorough physical examinations are used to identify physical conditions and treatment options, if necessary. We firmly believe that the most affordable and effective method of illness treatment are illness prevention or early detection!