Rattlesnake Dangers and Heat Safety for Pets

While you and your pet may be accustomed to the high temperatures and various wildlife here in Arizona, you should never take those things for granted. At Stetson Hills Animal Hospital, your pet’s health and safety are always our highest priorities. Read on for important tips regarding heat safety and rattlesnake encounters.

Heat Precautions

Arizona and heat go together like deserts and cacti, but it’s important to be mindful of the risks. A bright sun, 90+ degree temperatures and hot sidewalks can quickly become unbearable for your pet. We recommend keeping them indoors as much as possible on scorching days and keeping them hydrated with fresh, cool water. Limit walks to early in the morning or later in the evening, when the ground is cooler and the sun is less direct.

One of the biggest heat-related dangers for pets is leaving them in a parked vehicle while running errands. The inside of your car can go from 70 to 90 degrees in just a few minutes! Rolled-down windows will not create sufficient air flow or cooling to keep your pet safe.

Additional ways you can help your pet stay cool include keeping a small wading pool outside for them to use and making sure they have a place to shelter from the sun. If your pet is lethargic and panting heavily, contact us right away—they might be experiencing heat stroke!

Rattlesnake Safety

13 species of rattlesnake call Arizona home. While rattlesnake bites can be dangerous to humans, they are usually not fatal. However, in the case of our pets, rattlesnake bites can be about 25 times more deadly and require immediate attention from a veterinarian. Keep an eye out for rattlesnakes around your property and be sure to remain calm and step slowly away from any rattlesnake you come across.
To have a rattlesnake removed from your yard or home, contact your local fire department or animal-control company that is equipped to handle venomous snakes.
Additionally, our hospital offers a vaccine that can help minimize your pet’s reaction to a rattlesnake bite. The vaccine neutralizes the venom and can reduce your pet’s risk of permanent injury.
We would be happy to answer any questions you have about protecting your pet from extreme heat and rattlesnake bites. Please give us a call at (623) 889-7090 if you need more information.