Pet Acupuncture at Stetson Hills Animal Hospital

Our team is excited to offer acupuncture for your pet’s care and comfort. Dr. Ed Cohen became interested in holistic medicine and acupuncture in the late ‘90s as he continued to seek an increasingly wide array of techniques to restore his patients to optimal health. He completed an extensive training course in Veterinary Acupuncture at the Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000 and has been utilizing acupuncture in his practice ever since.

Dr. Cohen most often employs the healing technique of pet acupuncture on his canine patients, but has also used acupuncture on the occasional laid-back kitty. He is experienced in several forms of acupuncture, including dry needling, electro-acupuncture, and aquapuncture. Acupuncture at Stetson Hills Animal Hospital is commonly used on patients suffering from chronic pain such as degenerative arthritis of the legs or spine.