Spaying and Neutering

Planning to have your puppy/kitten spayed and neutered, but you want more information about it first? You’ll find it here! Making the decision to spay/neuter your pet is one of the best ones you’ll make for your four-legged friend. Here at Stetson Hills Animal Hospital in Glendale, we want nothing more than for all of our young canine and feline patients to start life off on the right paw. These surgeries are among the best ways to make that happen. Whether you’re a new puppy/kitten owner, or you just want to know more about spaying and neutering, consider the following list of frequently asked questions:

Why Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

A better question is why NOT spay/neuter them. Here are six reasons that you SHOULD:

Will My Pet Gain Weight After Surgery?

Some pets DO gain weight after being spayed/neutered (due to a slowed metabolism), but not all pets do. To prevent weight gain, make sure to feed your pet a healthy diet, and monitor their caloric intake. We recommend that you also encourage them to exercise every day, whether it’s with indoor play, vertical climbing space for cats, interactive toys, walks, and/or outdoor play.

How Old Does My Pet Need to Be?

Until recently, the standard recommendations amongst veterinarians was to spay your dog or cat before their first heat and to neuter males by 6-7 months of age. Recent, ongoing research is calling into question this advice, at least for some breeds. Our veterinarians will discuss this with you during your pet’s puppy or kitten series of examinations and vaccinations. If we have never seen your pet before, please schedule an appointment to discuss this further with our staff. Give us a call at 623-889-7090 to schedule an appointment.

Spaying & Neutering in Glendale

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